Palestinian Activists Create Another Fake Casualty of War

Truth is claimed to be the first casualty of war, and nobody knows this better than apologists for Palestinian terrorism.

This was confirmed yet again on Thursday when a Palestinian activist took to Twitter to claim that Israeli forces hit a house in the Gaza Strip town of Der Elbalah, killing a pregnant mother and her two year old daughter.

Except the alleged casualty was a total fantasy. Here is how it was first portrayed to the world:

It didn’t take long for the ruse to be found out. The main image was actually lifted from a random family Instagram account:

This is not the first time that Palestinians have been caught in the act of being economical with the truth when it comes to West Bank violence.

In the wake of the Hamas-instigated “March of the Return” Gaza riots that tore across the Israeli border in April, the Palestinian Information Center was keen to publicize what it claimed was a publicity coup. In a Facebook post, it told its 500,000 followers that a French doctor had arrived in the Gaza Strip to perform her work and treat ‘wounded Palestinian protesters.’ See below:

Trouble is, the shot is of actress Katherine Heigl who played a doctor on TV in the hit show Grey’s Anatomy from 2005-2010.

The clumsy ruse did not last long and was quickly spotted on Twitter:

Very quickly the Palestinian Information Service backed away from its initial claim,  and published the following grovelling apology:

There is no news yet as to when Abdullah Alsaafin will make his apology for creating a piece of libellous fantasy.

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