News Site Created by Dem Party to Boost Their Candidate

In the tight race for Democrat Claire McCaskill’s seat representing Missouri in the United States Senate, one news site has found nothing good to say about her top rival, Republican state Attorney General Josh Hawley.

The website, The Missouri Download, is, in fact, operated by the Missouri Democratic Party, the Washington Free Beacon reported.

The party does own up to operating the site, but in small type that reads, “Paid for by Missouri State Democratic Committee,” the Free Beacon reported.

The site has only posted a handful of press release-style articles attacking Hawley, which have then been retweeted by Democrats working on McCaskill’s behalf.

“Missourians have had it with Claire obstructing President Trump, so it’s no surprise Claire’s party is scrambling to push out some positive stories,”  Ray Bozarth, the political director the state Republican Party, told the Free Beacon.

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“Claire has been a career politician for 30 years. Her husband has money squirreled away in the Cayman Islands while she votes against tax cuts, and she’s voted against Trump’s Supreme Court nominee and 10 of his cabinet nominees,” Bozarth said.

“The Democrats can launch 100 fake news sites, but it won’t change the minds of Missourians who are sick of Claire being an out-of-touch liberal, who only wants to get re-elected so she can obstruct President Trump’s America First agenda,” he said.

The site has drawn mockery from social media users.

Much of the campaign has focused on McCaskill’s personal wealth, which Hawley has argued means she is disconnected from the voters she seeks to represent, Politico reported.

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“She’ll shoot videos of her driving her car. She doesn’t drive. I mean everybody knows this. Her and the plane? We’ve got video of her on that plane; she uses it constantly,” Hawley told Politico in a story published Tuesday. “She owns a condo and a restaurant in Washington for heaven’s sakes. Just own it. That’s who you are. But she won’t do that.”

“Look at how she lives, how she votes, how she acts,” Hawley said. “She talks as if she understands the state. But she doesn’t live it.”

McCaskill’s use of a private plane during what was labeled an “RV tour” of the state was ridiculed by President Donald Trump.

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In a new campaign ad tied to Trump’s nomination of Brett Kavanaugh to the Supreme Court, Hawley told Missouri voters that, “Our way of life is at risk.”

“The eyes of the nation are on Missouri. We decide which values control the Senate, and the Supreme Court. Claire McCaskill wants liberals in charge; that’s how she votes. That’s not Missouri’s way, and it won’t be my way,” he said in the ad, The Hill reported.

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