What ISIS Just Did Is Beyond Sickening, Even By Their Barbaric Standards

ISIS is getting more desperate to hold onto the seat of their self-proclaimed caliphate in Mosul, Iraq. As US-led forces continue to push on, the terror organization has now resorted to the most heinous measures yet to keep their grip on the war-torn city.

According to Daily Mail, the terror group has reportedly “kidnapped almost 200 children to use as human shields in the battle for Mosul.”

The Iraqi Observatory for Human Rights said 197 children had been taken hostage by the terror group near the Al-Nuri mosque.

Iraq’s prime minister Haider al-Abadi claimed in an interview with Fox News that the terror group will be defeated within weeks in the country.

The kidnapping occurred near the al-Nouri Grand Mosque in western Mosul. Because of the huge number of civilian deaths in Mosul, Iraqi forces have temporarily halted operations until they figure out a strategy to retake the city without much collateral damage.

ISIS are preparing for an onslaught as forces from the US-led coalition take back the city street-by-street.

According to Daily Star, “Jihadi fighters remaining the city are cut off from ISIS support in Syria and are now locked in a fight to death – with only the most fanatical remaining in Mosul.”

Thousands of residents are fleeing the city ahead of the final confrontation between the terror group and the US-led coalition.

ISIS continue its offensives abroad and declared “war” on Britain after terrorist Khalid Masood killed four in an attack on Westminster.


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