Trump Swats Down Acosta, Treats Him Like a Little Boy During Historic NK Press Conf.

To describe the relationship between CNN White House correspondent Jim Acosta and the Trump administration as “chilly” would be upgrading it a few hundred degrees on the Kelvin scale. However, I didn’t think it was possible that President Donald Trump would actually be treating Acosta like a child who desperately needed instruction.

That’s what happened in Singapore, where Trump held a news conference after signing an agreement with Noth Korean dictator Kim Jong Un regarding a framework toward rapprochement between the U.S. and the Hermit Kingdom.

The presser was actually among the most relaxed and least combative that Trump has had since taking office, with one very notable exception, courtesy of Jim Acosta.

The CNN reporter, who has previously whined like a stuck hippo when he didn’t get a question at a news conference, was actually among the first called during the wide-ranging and relatively long (at least for Trump) session. However, the president insisted on a caveat when he took Acosta’s question.

“Be nice. Be respectful,” Trump said as he gestured to Acosta.

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“I’ll be respectful,” Acosta replied before launching into his question.

This is a rather sad thing. People from both sides are going to jump upon this as evidence either that Trump is unfairly belittling toward the media or that Acosta cannot be trusted in adult company.

Do you think that this was an appropriate remark on Donald Trump’s part?

You can probably deduce which side I’m on by the headline. Acosta is a man, as previously stated, who has complained on Twitter that he didn’t get called upon for three straight news conferences by White House press secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders. As in, he took the time to whip out his phone and tap out his frustration to 587,000 followers.

Those are pretty much the actions of a child — someone who apparently needs instruction from authority figures to remind him to be nice and/or respectful. And that’s precisely what the president did.

If you think that this was lost on those staying up all night to watch the summit, well, you’d be wrong:

Of course, someone pointed out the greatest miracle of all in this:

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Yes, Acosta actually listened to the president.

Who said that our youth can’t learn? Even when they’re 47 years old.

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