This Woman Is An Illegal Immigrant And Convicted Terrorist. Here’s The Shocking Reason Why She’s Not In Jail.

A lot of American’s have become wise to the fact that the modern day feminist movement is both unnecessary and stupid. Yes, many a conservative have run in the other direction when they see a loudmouth feminist coming their way and probably most of the men in America would say that they’d felt terrorized by feminism gone amok at some point in his life, but probably not many of us had them pegged as actual terrorists.

Unfortunately, I guess all hate looks strikingly similar since Rasmea Odeh, a former terrorist bomber, has now partnered with the modern day feminist movement to mold young minds and change the landscape of America.

Via Lynx Media:

Rasmea Odeh, 69, spent 10 years in an Israeli prison for killing two students in a grocery store bombing 48 years ago but received U.S. citizenship in 2004 after lying about her criminal past.

She was initially convicted of deceiving immigration authorities in 2014 and sentenced to 18 months in jail, according to the Associated Press. Since then, she has remained free while waiting to appeal the federal court’s decision.

But now, Odeh’s legal team has announced that she will plead guilty to immigration fraud on April 25 in a deal that allows her to leave the U.S. without serving any prison time. She will be deported to Jordan.

Odeh has always maintained that Israeli authorities tortured her into confessing to the 1969 bombing, and even blamed post-traumatic stress disorder for her failure to disclose her terrorist acts with the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine to American officials.


There is an obvious huge immigration and security issue here, but I want to put a pin in that for a second. Right now, I want to just address the chain of events in this woman’s life. She was a terrorist bomber, she came to America and instead of finding a cozy home with some sleeper terrorist cell, she took up with the feminist movement.

This terrorist and murderer found that her inner craving for violence and hate would be filled by the group that is supposedly championing for women’s rights? Even if their cause was actually legitimate, what would that tell you about the spirit of the organization?

I hate to say “I told you so” but yeah . . . stay classy America.

(H/T: Lynx Media) 

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