The Media Caught A Glimpse Of A Banner At Mara Lago That Just PISSED Off Millions!

President Donald Trump is always back and forth between the White House, and his flashy Mar-a-Lago, his private club. But according to reports and photos taken recently, the Democrats are furious over a banner that graced a special event there. The banner could be seen as ‘offensive’ to the left, and yet, I doubt anyone that was in attendance cared because what they were speaking out against was and is true!

Check out the banner that was showcased:

Florida Gov. Rick Scott can be seen in the photo with guests as they arrive at the annual Republican Party of Palm Beach County’s Lincoln Day Dinner, greeted by a banner that very much sums up the immigration policy of this administration…It’s nothing special. All the American people are asking for is that the government KEEP and FOLLOW existing immigration law. That’s it. If the government would stop breaking its own laws, we wouldn’t have nearly the amount of illegal alien criminals stateside, putting American citizens in harm’s way.

Immigration is great when done legally. But that is something that the Left refuses to acknowledge and instead screams ‘RACISM’ whenever and wherever they can to get their agenda across.

So why is it that the left wants open borders? Why is it that they feel the need to give illegals every opportunity to take advantage of the system? Why is it that the most desired aspect of citizenship that the left wants to give illegals, is that of VOTING? Well, look at the banner on the bottom:

“Before they become LEGAL LIBERALS”…

The votes. Illegals represent a huge voting block that keeps the Democrats in power, as long as they shower them with free money, medical, housing, schooling, you name it.

So when you hear about this banner on the news, know that keeping the EXISTING LAWS on immigration is not a radical move. It’s just plain sane.


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