Professor Claims Saying “It’s Okay To Be White” Is An “Intentional Act Of Violence”

The college professors teaching are children are becoming more and more radicalized. While liberals often like to call Conservatives ‘racist’, they are by far the most racist ones themselves. Dr. Michael Cappello responded to posters hung up on campus that said ‘it’s OK to be white.’ While this should be an objectively true statement, Cappello called it an intentional act of violence.

“That poster on that door in that hallway at the University of Regina is an act of violence. And it’s not abstract violence. This is intentionally violent,” he said. Let’s be clear: they didn’t imagine that would be harmless. They didn’t care. In fact, that violence was actually the purpose,” he said.

He went on to insult ‘whiteness’. “‘Whiteness’ is supported by being ‘normal.’ Sometimes we call this process ‘normalization,’” he said. He went on to argue that it is impossible for a black person to be racist against a white person.

“I reserve the word racism for when those prejudices are also connected to power… everything that I’ve learned about race and racism in the last 12 years of studying this stuff, I’ve learned at the feet of black and brown people, mostly women. Full stop,” he said.

This professor recently held an event called “It’s OK to be [Against] White[ness]” Why do they let this maniac around college students?

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