Muslim Cleric Claims Allah Brought Jews Back to Israel for Total Annihilation

In 1996, the Organization of the Islamic Conference first used the phrase “the religion of peace” to refer to Islam. Right after 9/11, President George W. Bush put the phrase into the common parlance.

Jordanian cleric Imam Ahmad Al-Rawashdeh, alas, did not get the message.

In a sick sermon that’s gone viral for all the wrong reasons, Imam Al-Rawashdeh promised his congregants that Allah has brought the Jewish people back to Israel to make them easier to exterminate and quoted Hitler, saying, “One cannot find a single act of immorality or crime against society in which the Jews are not involved.”

The sermon took place during Friday prayers at the Old Tila’ Al-Ali Mosque in Jordan’s capital of Amman back in December of 2017, as reported by the Middle East Media Research Institute

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“Dearly beloved, let me bring you glad tidings,” MEMRI’s translation of Al-Rawashdeh’s sermon reads.

“Allah said about the Jews, ‘We dispersed them into nations throughout the land.’ Allah dispersed them all over the land.

“As long as they are dispersed, it is impossible to annihilate the Jews,” the imam said. “The Islamic state cannot annihilate all of the Jews who are fighting it all over the world.”

But don’t worry — Allah will provide, according to the good imam!

Do you think something should be done to stop extremist preachers?

“Allah, in the grace he bestows upon this nation, informed us that he would gather the Jews in one place, so that they could be dealt a mortal blow and so that the sword would be poised over the heads of them all.”

Apparently, the 1948 Arab-Israeli War, the Six-Day War and the Yom Kippur War weren’t dissuasive enough for Mr. Al-Rawashdeh that maybe he’s misreading the divine messages on this one, but never mind.

“As we see today, after the declaration of the Jewish state, the Jews will begin to flock to Palestine from all over the world,” Al-Rawashdeh said.

“Allah will gather them there so they will meet their end, Allah willing.”

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He also encouraged his flock to “listen to what the world has been saying about the Jews.”

“Benjamin Franklin, who was U.S. president back in 1779, said in a speech to America as they began to draft the Constitution, “Oh, Americans, a grave danger threatens the USA — the Jews.”

Mr. Al-Rawashdeh, clearly an ardent student of U.S. history, says that Franklin warned the framers “that unless you banish the Jews once and for all from the land of America, your children and grandchildren will curse you in your graves.”

I can just picture it now. Ben Franklin, “president” of a country that had not yet gained its independence (much less created the office of the presidency), telling the Founding Fathers who were drafting a constitution four years before the Revolution was over and two years before the Articles of Confederation came into effect, that unless they banished the Jews, their “children and grandchildren will curse you in your graves.”

If only they had listened, maybe Benjamin Franklin would have actually become president one day!

I suppose I should just file this under “would be funny if it weren’t so serious.” Men like Mr. Al-Rawashdeh do exist across the world, though their understanding of history is about as good as their understanding of how much power they have to annihilate Israel or the Jewish people.

However, it’s this kind of hateful, uninformed rhetoric that fuels global anti-Semitism — and part of what makes terrorist attacks and Islamist extremism even more difficult to fight.

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