Katie Couric Forced To Apologize For Angering PC Crowd During Olympic Reporting

The Winter Olympics are in full swing and with it being 2018 and the era of political correctness, we’ve already seen numerous “offensive” comments made by the stooges at NBC covering the games.

In reality, the comments have been innocuous jokes or gaffes that are blown way out of proportion. But we live in an outrage culture, so it’s not surprising to see folks get upset over nothing. The latest target of left-wing snowflakes is a leftist herself, who came under fire for making an inoffensive comment about the Dutch.

As reported at Page Six, NBC’s most famous commentator, Katie Couric, was forced to apologize for suggesting that Olympic athletes from the Netherlands are good at ice skating because Dutch people ice skate to work every day.

My apologies for being on thin ice for my comments re: skating on canals. I was trying to salute your historical passion for the sport but it didn’t come out that way!” she tweeted Monday night.

Couric said during Friday night’s opening ceremony that the Netherlands “has lots of canals that can freeze in the winter. So for as long as those canals have existed, the Dutch have skated on them to get from place to place, to race each other and also to have fun.”

The Netherlands is overloaded with left-wing politics, so it’s not surprising for them react like a bunch of babies on social media.

Dear @katiecouric, the Dutch do NOT skate to work. Skating on clogs is too hard, even for us,” chided Twitter user Gert van Dijk.

You just can’t make this up,” tweeted Jos Duijvestein. “NBC opening ceremony coverage. Katie Couric talks about why The Netherlands is so good at speed skating as The Netherlands enters the stadium. And this folks is why Americans are less bright about the rest of the world as they spread fake news!

It was only after the Dutch embassy commented on the incident that Couric came out and apologized.

Hi @katiecouric, please come visit the Netherlands. We’d love to show you all the innovative ways the Dutch get around 🚴🚘⚡🚊🚄🛥, & are building the future of transportation. Of course, we can also visit our famous skating rinks. Let’s break the ice!,” the account tweeted.

The embassy said it would let her comments “slide” following the apology.

Please do come to the Netherlands @katiecouric,” Dutch Ambassador to the US Henne Schuwer added. “And when (🤞) you do, I’ll be glad to host you in Amsterdam and show the historic canals.”

What a total nothing-burger. Couric is a clown, but come on. Does anyone, even leftists, really enjoy having to walk on eggshells constantly afraid of saying something that offends even the tiniest group of people? This self-destructive political correctness is cancer, and it’s killing our society’s ability to communicate, have fun, and just live our lives normally. One can only dream of the day when this insanity comes to an end.

Source: Page Six

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