Joy Behar Admits on ‘The View’ That Pence Is Right

“The View” co-host Joy Behar publicly apologized to Americans on her program Tuesday regarding disparaging comments she made about Vice President Mike’s Pence’s Christian faith.

The apology came after a phone call she made to Pence last week and a Monday night appeal by the vice president on Fox News’ “Hannity” to take that extra step of apologizing to Christian Americans.

“I felt it was important that I defend the faith of tens of millions of Americans against that kind of slander,” Pence told Sean Hannity. “And I did so. And I give Joy Behar a lot of credit,” Pence continued. “She picked up the phone; she called me; she was very sincere, and she apologized.”

“And one of the things my faith teaches me is grace, forgive as you’ve been forgiven,” the vice president explained. “I said to Joy, ‘Of course, I forgive you. That’s part of my faith experience.’”

“But I did encourage her, and I’m still encouraging her to use the forum of that program or some other public forum to apologize to tens of millions of Americans who were equally offended,” Pence continued.


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“The View” aired Pence’s segment on “Hannity,” and then Behar offered her apology.

“I think Vice President Pence is right. I was raised to respect everyone’s religious faith and I fell short of that. I sincerely apologize for what I said,” Behar stated.

The apology came a month after the co-host made her original remarks disparaging Pence’s faith, describing his belief that Jesus speaks to him through prayer as a sign of “mental illness.”

“That’s called mental illness, if I’m not correct. Hearing voices,” said Behar.

The Bible, in fact, records in the Gospel of John that Jesus said regarding born-again believers, “My sheep hear My voice, and I know them, and they follow me.”

He further described Himself as a good shepherd, “And when (a good shepherd) brings out his own sheep, he goes before them; and the sheep follow him, for they know his voice. Yet they will by no means follow a stranger, but will flee from him, for they do not know the voice of strangers.”

Do you think Joy Behar’s apology is sufficient, or should she be fired?

The conservative Media Research Center led a campaign to hold Behar accountable for her remarks, and logged over 40,000 protest calls from Americans to ABC.

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The group’s president, Brent Bozell, said Tuesday that Behar “did the right thing today.”

He added, “I want to thank and congratulate the massive number of Americans who supported our effort and stood up to this anti-Christian bigotry with your calls, letters and messages.”

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