Israeli PM Netanyahu Fights Back After Police Push For Bribery Indictment

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu flatly denied corruption allegations Tuesday and dismissed police recommendations that he be officially charged. He insisted that he was completely innocent and control of Israel wouldn’t be wrested from him that easily.

Speaking from the comfort of home, Netanyahu sought to reinvigorate anyone whose trust in him may be flagging.

“Not for cigars from a friend. Not for press coverage. Not for anything. Just for the state,” he said defiantly.

“It is impossible to break free from the impression that the [recommendations] were influenced by the unfounded feelings of interrogators that I acted against him… Therefore it is no surprise that these are the recommendations.”

Israeli police are trying to bring Netanyahu down because of two incidents, referred to as cases 1000 and 2000. The investigations have dragged on for a least two years, allowing officers to compile a mountain of evidence.

In Case 1000, the Prime Minister is accused of accepting pricey gifts from billionaires in exchange for political consideration.

In Case 2000, Netanyahu allegedly made a backroom deal with a newspaper publisher in an attempt to stifle negative coverage.

Netanyahu utterly denies the allegations.

“All these attempts, without exception, ended with nothing. Because I know the truth, I am telling you all that also this time they will end without anything,” he said, speaking of previous attempts to tie his name to corruption.

“These recommendations have no status in a democratic state.”

Netanyahu believes that he’s been the victim of “slander.” He claims that dozen investigative probes that have been opened into his life were part of a concentrated effort “to topple him from power.”

Unfortunately for Netanyahu, his fate is no longer in his own hands. Israeli Attorney General Avichai Mandelblit will ultimately decide if charges are brought forward or not.

(Source: Times Of Israel)

1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. Chastran

    14/02/2018 at 6:43 PM

    Just as the Washington DC Police Department wouldn’t, by themselves, push for or bring charges against any of the myriad of illegalities and transgressions committed by Barry “Takkiya” Soetoro when he was president, likewise, the Israeli Police would not do the same to Israeli Prime Minister Bibi Netanyahu. Someone else, probably highly placed in the Israeli government, perhaps in an opposition party, is orchestrating this blatant attempt to unseat him, just like the Dumbascrap Party has been trying to do to President Trump…

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