Hillary Looks Like Ragdoll as Legs Give Out on Stairs

Whenever anyone said that Hillary Clinton had troublesome health issues during the 2016 campaign, they were called all sorts of names.

Conspiracy theorist? Check. Alex Jones apologist? Check. Realist who was looking at the fact that Clinton’s health wasn’t what she was portraying it as? Uh… aren’t you a Russian or something?

Yes, the slightest mention that the Democrat candidate for president couldn’t actually make it up a set of stairs made one a conspiracy theorist and a regular listener to Alex Jones. And when she collapsed at the 9/11 commemoration, she was collapsing for America, because she was with us and we were With Her, and…

Oh, wait, she lost a year or two ago and and is having problems with stairs? Never mind.

Yes, Hillary’s health — and the fact that is is neither hale nor hearty — is back in the news again, although you probably aren’t going to be hearing about it anytime soon.


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Now, let me preface this video with the fact that stairs in India weren’t exactly built to OSHA standards during the Lodi dynasty.

However, when the Democrat standard-bearer in the 2016 election decided to have a breakdown of sorts at a 9/11 memorial ceremony, anyone who mentioned it was considered nothing short of a tinfoil-hat wearer.

Or when she had to be helped up stairs by her aides, nothing was out of sorts.

Or when she had her numerous coughing fits, nothing was wrong.

Do you think Hillary Clinton has a health problem?

Because this clearly looks normal and not at all like a human ragdoll trying to get down a flight of stairs most humans wouldn’t have any issue with:

According to the American Mirror, the incident occurred Monday in Dhar, Mandu.

Now, a bit of personal interjection here. Because of familial obligations, I travel back and forth between America and Malaysia on a semi-regular basis. Roughly 20 minutes drive outside of Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia’s cultural capital, lies the Batu Caves, a major Hindu religious shrine which has one of the most unforgiving stairways in the history of humanity.

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When I first visited the Batu Caves, I had recently quit smoking and was in that wonderful stage where my lungs were hacking up every single molecule of tar I had ever inhaled, and yet neither organ were any the better for it. However, my future father-in-law — a 62-year-old man who had just suffered a heart attack not 12 months prior — decided we ought to scale the 272 steps that would bring us 100 meters above ground level because why the heck not.

Now sure, we weren’t the Hindus who were supposed to be climbing the demanding course as a show of religious devotion. But it was there, we were there, and we did it, all in the name of cultural appropriation.

The Jahaz Mahal is not the Batu Caves. It is not even a bad Batu Caves cover band. While I do not have a video of us going up the Batu Caves staircase, I assure you it is significantly less pathetic than Hillary Clinton coming down the steps at the Jahaz Mahal.

But we still can’t talk about Hillary Clinton’s health. Right. After all, what basis would we ever have for that?

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