Hannity’s Response To Ted Koppel’s ‘Bad For America’ Claim Is Both Brutal And Perfect

Political analysts like Bill O’Reilly and Sean Hannity have gained popularity in recent years, probably for many reasons. My personal opinion is that it’s stemmed from the average Joe’s need to hear about the news inside the framework of logic and legal precedence. Somewhere along the way public schools stopped teaching about traditional law and economics and switched to a bleeding heart approach, and that has caused a generation of people who want to be conservative, because the know liberalism doesn’t make sense, but they don’t exactly know how.

Koppel basically wants to convince America that he and others like him are unbiased, and that opinion journalists like Hannity, are brainwashing Americans and taking away their freedom of thought.

Hannity’s response to that was simple:

“I don’t pretend that I’m fair, balanced and objective. You do,” Hannity said. “You exposed yourself as agenda-driven [and] hypocritical.” He reiterated his ten-year-old contention that “journalism is dead” and issued one last request to Koppel.

“If you… have the courage, release the entire unedited footage–let America decide.”

Here’s Hannity’s full post-mortem on the event.

Treating Americans like they are stupid will probably work for a certain percentage of the population, but to be honest, those really aren’t Hannity or even Fox New’s target audience. If people want to hear good things about bleeding heart Democrats and bad things about the President, there are plenty of channels for them to choose from.

What Hannity is doing is to NOT dress up opinion to look like fact, he is providing a logical conclusion from the facts provided. He’s not trying to pretend that he’s liberal so that he can win over liberals. He’s in the business of teaching people how to reason, not telling them what to think. That is more valuable than 100 opinions because you’re teaching the man to fish, not just feeding him dinner.

(Source: Fox News Insider)




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