Hannity Excoriates Comey in Sunday Night Scorched-Earth Tweet Fest

Sean Hannity is known to love him some Twitter, particularly if there’s a controversy afoot.

He’s dueled with the likes of Joe Scarborough, Jimmy Kimmel (even wringing an apology out of the late-night host after some homophobic tweets) and Shepard Smith.

Now Hannity has taken aim at former FBI Director James Comey and his book-selling infomercial with George Stephanopoulos that aired Sunday night.

Were you bothered by the questions asked of James Comey?

The interview, in which Comey called Donald Trump “morally unfit to be president,” drew the ire of Hannity for its softball nature and the fact the interviewer is closely linked to the Clintons.

The Fox News host wasn’t impressed, calling it “the worst interview I’ve seen in my life.”

Hannity began by noting that “Clinton’s press secy (is) talking to the FBI head about hands size, tanning bed, ties, hookers in Moscow, and he NEVER VERIFIED THE DOSSIER. He never did HIS JOB. He doesn’t know if dossier is true, but it was used in a FISC application.”

“Question for @GStephanopoulos, did @HillaryClinton break the law when she mishandled and destroyed classified, top secret, and classified info? Did HRC obstruct Justice when she deleted 33,000 emails, acid washed hard drive and break up devices?” he said in his next tweet. “Really George? No crime?”

Hannity continued to hit at Stephanopoulos’ objectivity, particularly given his association with the Clinton family:

Hannity also took issue with the lack of substance in Stephanopoulos’ line of questioning.

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Makes you wonder what kind of fireworks would have ensued if Hannity had the chance to interview Comey.

Suffice it to say, Hannity didn’t believe Stephanopoulous’ interviewing skills improved during the last 11 minutes, either.

In all fairness, I can’t rank the Comey love-fest as the worst interview I’ve ever seen — I’ve sat through a couple of episodes of “Maury” in doctors’ waiting rooms — but it was reasonably close to it. And, as for journalism being dead, I’d say that once you can get a pipeline pretty much straight from the Clinton administration to appearing on air as an “objective” reporter, as Stephanopoulos did, I’d say journalism has at the very least been on life support for some time now.

However, it was good for sparking a patented Hannity tweetstorm, which I think is a victory for us all — dead journalism or not.

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