GOP Candidate Admits The 1 Thing Missing From Schools In Wake Of Shooting… Has Nothing to Do With Guns

In the aftermath of the school shooting in Parkland, Florida last Wednesday that claimed 17 lives, most politicians talked about what was needed to combat incidents like this from happening again.

Liberals say that only gun control could solve the problem. Conservatives, however, have argued for more protection for our public schools, including police officers and concealed carriers on premises.

However, New Jersey GOP congressional candidate Steve Lonegan says there’s one thing missing from the classroom that might have stopped the shooting last week, and it had nothing to do with firearms.

In an interview with WNYM-AM Thursday, Lonegan told host Kevin McCullough that God needed to return to the classroom if violence was to stop — in the form of prayer.

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“My own wife has been a Catholic school teacher now for 37 years, and they have to do drills for this kind of a purpose — how to shut down the classrooms,” Lonegan said.

“It’s just so disturbing that society has deteriorated to this point morally that we’re confronted with this. And if there’s ever a time to return prayer to the classroom, now’s the time.

“That’s something I would be a big advocate for. Fortunately, in my wife’s school, they have prayer in the classroom.”

Lonegan also said that Americans need to “turn to the Bible and to God” in situations like these, in addition to reacting “with love.”

Do you think school prayer is a good thing?

Lonegan, a well-known figure in Garden State conservative circles, was once the mayor of the small town of Bogota, about five miles west of New York City.

According to Fox News, he’s now looking to challenge freshman Democrat Rep. Josh Gottheimer, who represents New Jersey’s 5th Congressional District — a “sprawling” district that encompasses a wide swath of territory from the New York City suburbs immediately west of the George Washington Bridge to the rural Skylands region in the extreme north of the state.

This isn’t the first time that Lonegan has run for higher office; he was Sen. Cory Booker’s opponent in the 2013 special election that saw the Newark mayor voted into the upper chamber.

However, at a time when liberals seem so eager to mock the phrase “thoughts and prayers” as pointless and counterproductive in the wake of tragedies, Lonegan’s message could echo among voters sick of seeing religion and morality excluded from the public sphere.

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Indeed, we’ve seen in the past week why God is so important. TV stars mock Christianity as “mental illness,” yet we wonder why real mental illness goes unaddressed and why it so often leads to hatred and violence.

If you’re looking for an answer, you could do far worse than the one Steve Lonegan is providing.

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