Forget Electric Or Driverless Cars – This Eye-Popping Vehicle Is Getting Far More Attention

Some auto enthusiasts may hanker the handling and design of a Porsche Targa or Ford GT, while others are more interested in the latest technological developments such as driverless or “autonomous” vehicles.

Here’s a new twist in the world of automobiles. Called heat-sensitive cars, they change color depending on whether hot or cold water hits the exterior.

According to Daily Mail, “a German artist has released a video of the car magically changing colour to reveal his hidden design using heat-sensitive paint.”

Rene Turrek created the innovative paint job by using thermochromic paint that reacts to a change in temperature, much like the Hypercolour T-shirts popular in the 90s.

Thermochromatic paint can change its colour depending on the heat – in this case going from purple to translucent to reveal the underlying design.

By splashing warm water on the car, the artist slowly reveals the detailed artwork hiding beneath what looks like a standard paint job.  

And by pouring cool water on afterwards, the car transforms back into a mild-mannered supercar. 

The car in this video is a Lamborghini Gallardo which comes with a hefty $181,900 – $259,100 price tag according to

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