Firefighters Spot American Flag in Burning Building, Fight Through Flames to Save Old Glory [Video]

A pair of California firefighters braved the smoke and flames Monday to rescue an American flag from a burning building.

A commercial building in Anaheim had erupted into flames at around 2 p.m. Though no injuries were reported, it took Orange County firefighters more than two hours to get the fire under control, according to MyNewsLA.

While they were working to put out the blaze, two firefighters saw an American flag on top of the building.

The firemen were able to retrieve the flag, and video footage showed them carrying it to safety.

They even folded the flag up neatly before returning it to its owner, a retired officer with the Los Angles Police Department.

The flag was returned to its owner in “great condition,” Anaheim Police Sgt. Daron Wyatt said, according to Fox News.

“They got it before it was damaged,” he added.

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The moment when the firefighters returned the flag was also captured on video.

The fire, meanwhile, started in a commercial building when a vehicle burst into flames. The building houses a company that transforms vans into vehicles for disabled people.

Anaheim Fire & Rescue‏ posted photos of the fire to its Twitter page.

The blaze caused part of the building’s roof to collapse.

At first, firefighters were worried the blaze would spread, but in the end, they were able to put it out without other buildings being affected, KABC reported.

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