Cooperating With Trump ‘Regime Is Not Acceptable’

In a series of Twitter posts last Wednesday, a now-former Montana state employee explained why he quit his job as legal secretary for the Montana Department of Labor and Industry. According to Jordon Dyrdahl-Roberts, he quit because he did not want to help U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement.

Responding to an earlier Twitter post that read, “Seriously, f**k ICE,” Dyrdahl-Roberts said he put in his two weeks’ notice because the ICE was going to subpoena them to get information to then “hunt down & deport undocumented workers”:

He says it was not easy as quitting puts his family “in a delicate financial position”:

Dyrdahl-Roberts put up a PayPal link for supporters to donate to his family. He also encouraged people to donate money to the city of Flint or Puerto Rico.

“The Department is in communication with Jordon, and it’s our understanding his decision to resign is purely based on his personal opposition to the federal administration’s rhetoric on immigration,” Jake Troyer, communications director for Montana’s labor department, told The Washington Post. “Jordon’s involvement in the process of responding to subpoenas was limited to assisting attorneys with processing requests.”

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