Contents of Secret Letter to Don Jr. Revealed… This Was No Accident

A letter addressed to Donald Trump Jr. that contained a suspicious white powder told him that he should “shut the f*** up” and that he was getting what he deserved, reports Tuesday revealed.

The envelope, which The Associated Press said was mailed from Massachusetts, was opened by Trump Jr.’s wife, Vanessa.

That landed her in a Manhattan hospital due to the suspicious white powder, the New York Post reports.

The powder later turned out to be cornstarch.

However, the written contents of the letter proved that the intent behind the letter was definitely a threatening one.

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“You are an awful person. This is why people hate you. You are getting what you deserve. So shut the f*** up,” the letter read, according to law enforcement sources.

Reports say that the letter arrived at the Upper East Side apartment of Trump Jr.’s mother-in-law at 10 a.m. on Wednesday. After realizing the possible danger caused by the white powder, Vanessa put the letter and envelope in a plastic bag and called 911.

According to sources, the letter was likely sent to the mother-in-law’s address because, unlike the couple’s own apartment in Manhattan, there isn’t the same level of security there.

“This is not a secure site,’’ a source told the Post.

Do you think the media’s vitriol against the Trumps had anything to do with this death threat?

“Secret Service is not going through (the) mail.’’

While Vanessa was rushed to the hospital as a precaution due to the possibility of anthrax or some other biological or chemical agent, she was quickly released and was seen out and about on Tuesday with her children.

Meanwhile, another item containing a “white substance” was sent to the Washington D.C. office of former President Obama. It’s unclear whether the incidents are related or if the package came with a similar message.

It’s always a good thing when these sick hoaxes turn out to be just that — a hoax.

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However, this is a hoax that landed a woman in the hospital and was clearly meant to intimidate the Trump family. In an environment where Kathy Griffin is holding up the bloodied, effigial head of the president and celebrities are making jokes about his assassination, such “hoaxes” are a frightening thing indeed.

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