Caitlyn Jenner Tells Tucker It’s “Totally Fair” For Trans Men To Compete In Women’s Sports

Caitlyn Jenner appeared on “Tucker Carlson Tonight” on Monday and addressed a number of politically expedient issues, ranging from President Trump’s policies affecting the LGBTQ community to trans men competing in women’s sports.

Formerly known as Bruce Jenner – the Olympic decathlon gold medal winner who married into the Kardashian family – vehemently supported transgender men who participate in sports against female-born contestants.

Carlson questioned Jenner about whether it is fair for men who have transitioned into women to athletically compete against biological females due to their size advantage. He cited a recent example of a transgender woman winning a major weight-lifting title against entrants who were all born female.

The transgender guest replied, “If the Olympic Committee thinks it’s fair, I’m fine with it”, but refused to address the size advantage.

Jenner also criticized Trump for revoking the Obama administration’s guidelines allowing public school students to use restrooms and other facilities that correspond to their gender identity.

Nonetheless, Jenner insisted she was not a one-issue voter, stating:

“I believe in limited government [and] in our Constitution.”

“I would rather convince the Republican Party to do a better job when it comes to all LGBT issues than to try to convince the Democrats to lower taxes and lower regulations and let our country thrive economically,” she added.


H/T: Lifezette, Fox News

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