Bill Maher Goes Against Snowflake Ideology… Slams #MeToo Movement

Political pundit Bill Maher is a frequent foil to conservatives. He’s certainly been no big fan of Donald Trump, famously teasing fellow commentator Ann Coulter for even suggesting that the billionaire had a chance at winning the White House.

Now that Trump officially lives at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue, however, Maher seems to be experiencing flashes of conservatism. At the very least, the outspoken talk show host has shown that he isn’t drinking the far-left Kool-Aid that has been poisoning so much of his peers’ rhetoric.

During a recent episode of his “Real Time” show, Maher tore down the mob-like “social justice” trend of destroying men’s careers — or worse — over unproven and often distorted allegations by women.

Maher’s guest was Bari Weiss, a journalist who recently wrote an insightful New York Times opinion piece defending comedian Aziz Ansari, who was accused of sexual harassment in January.

It turns out, however, that the woman who made the scathing accusations didn’t actually voice her concerns about an apparently consensual sexual encounter with Ansari that transpired after she willingly came home with him, but expected him to magically know that she was uncomfortable.

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The headline on Weiss’ NYT piece said it all: “Aziz Ansari Is Guilty. Of Not Being a Mind Reader.”

The journalist went through the story told by Ansari’s accuser and pointed out that by that woman’s own admission, the comedian stopped his advances and asked his date to put her clothes back on as soon as she verbally said “no.”

“At last, she uttered the word ‘no’ for the first time during their encounter,” wrote Weiss in her op-ed.

“He responded, ‘How about we just chill, but this time with our clothes on?’ They dressed, sat on the couch and watched ‘Seinfeld,’” summarized the journalist.

Do you think liberal feminism has become a witch hunt?

The female guest admitted to Maher that she had been ostracized by liberals and feminists for daring to point out that what the accuser had described was not rape or sexual assault.

“If you step out of line even slightly with the hard-left feminist orthodoxy, all of the sudden, like me, you’re a traitor to your gender,” Weiss explained. “You’re an anti-feminist, you’re condoning rape culture.”

In response, Maher used the somewhat brilliant term “emotional hemophiliacs” to describe people who are so fragile that any less-than-perfect personal interaction triggers them.

“I don’t think it’s the majority of them. I think it’s the upper-middle-class kids who grew up screaming at their parents and that was OK,” Maher said.

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“And they are just so f**king fragile — excuse me. I think of them as emotional hemophiliacs, and the rest of us have to be so careful around them,” he continued.

Weiss pointed out that current social movements have exaggerated what used to be seen as normal adult behavior and seem to be on a crusade against men, advanced by young people who “think that asking someone for a drink constitutes sexual harassment.”

Maher agreed with that sentiment in a separate segment, during which he claimed to support the “#MeToo” movement but warned that it was becoming an anti-men witch hunt that he called “#MeCarthyism.”

“I have a penis,” declared the host. “And while I admit that having one does predispose a human to being aggressive and over-sexed, I don’t concede that it makes me automatically wrong about everything, and I say that as a true supporter of the #MeToo movement.”

“I even wore black to the Golden Globes. I was home watching TV but still––I wore black,” he continued. “But I was also mourning the ability to think rationally. I’m down with #MeToo, I’m not down with #MeCarthyism.”

Fifties-era McCarthyism, of course, saw communists everywhere and put an agenda ahead of evidence. Maher is right: The “#MeToo” crowd is doing the same thing, only seeing sexual predators behind every male face and throwing out facts in favor of feelings.

It’s a race to see who can be the biggest victim, even if a situation needs to be exaggerated or made up out of whole cloth in the process.

America needs to pay attention to this alarming trend. It’s just bizarre that Bill Maher is the one being the voice of reason.

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