April Set All-Time Record for Background Checks

Background checks for the month of April 2018 were the highest recorded for that month since background checks were implemented in 1998.

FBI figures show there were 2,223,213 background checks conducted in April 2018, which surpasses the previous record for that month by nearly 100,000.

The previous record was 2,145,865 background checks in 2016.

On April 3, 2018, Breitbart News reported that March 2018 background checks shattered the previous March record as well. There were 2,767,699 background checks, which easily surpassed the previous record of 2,523,265 background checks in March 2016.

March and April 2018 mark two back-to-back record months for background checks at a time when student gun control activists, establishment media personalities, and Hollywood celebrities were deriding gun rights, the NRA, and members of Congress who supported the Second Amendment.

And while background checks were setting records, the NRA was breaking 15-year records for donations. Breitbart News reported that the NRA received nearly $2.5 million in donations in March alone.

If we go back just a month earlier — to February — donations to the NRA’s political action committee tripled, compared to January, even as gun-controllers from all walks of life blamed the NRA for the Parkland shooting.

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